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 Royal Melbourne Hospital 2016

Healing Garden and Wominjeka art works for Emergency  Department

Box Hill TAFE

"Cycle of Knowledge", 2005
This mural depicts traditional designs of South Central Victoria, the main one being the diamond motif.  The overall design represents people from all over the world coming to Box Hill TAFE to gain knowledge.  The brown border around the central diamond are students who reside in Australia, while the lines overlapping the blue are students coming from overseas to study.  This is compared to traditional life where people gathered in one place, for example, around the camp fire to pass knowledge on as do educational institutions today.

A.C.E.S Nursing Home  
"The Culture of Merri Creek", 2006
Located at (A.C.E.S-Aboriginal Community Elders Service, Brunswick)   
  The Merri Creek has high significance to the Wurundjeri people of Melbourne.  The image shows indigenous plant and animal foods, campsites, ceremonial areas, stone tool quarries, wetlands, scar trees and where the manna gum forest meets the red gum forest.

Moonee Ponds Creek Project
Above panel image by Treahna Hamm
off Wallace Crescent, Strathmore, 2007
North Yarra Community Health Service (Community Mural)
Artists Elen Michel and Mandy Nicholson, 2007
Southern Health, Dandenong


  David Street, Dandenong 2007

  Robert McCubbin Primary School, Box Hill, 2013

Students and staff all painted sections of the mural